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We don’t merely repair and tune up heating systems, we also give outstanding furnace installation in Dallas.

What makes our skilled labor stand out from other HVAC companies? We’ve developed our approach over time.

All of our specialists are ACE certified, which means they’ve received the most important technical accreditation in the industry. They also are involved in continuing industry and system learning to find the finest procedures to provide furnace repair and furnace maintenance, plus specialized furnace installation.

And we support all of our services with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.* We’re so convinced of our quality services that we provide you with time to think it over—365 days, in reality.

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How Should I Know When to Replace My Furnace?

It can be tough to know just when your heating system is going to go out or how often you should replace your furnace. However, your heating system will start to give you clues that it’s close to permanent failure. Here are several of the most typical signs of needing furnace installation.

1. Furnace Age

With consistent maintenance, a majority of furnaces run for close to 20 years, although sometimes they may last even longer. If yours is reaching that age, it’s smart to begin planning for furnace replacement. That way, you won’t risk an interruption in comfort when your furnace shuts down permanently.

2. Furnace Repair Frequency and Cost

Furnace repair when this happens. If your latest bills are higher than half the cost of a new furnace or our Experts are frequently fixing your heating system, you should start thinking about getting a new furnace.

3. Decreased Comfort and Increased Heating Bills

Your furnace loses efficiency as it ages. As a common side effect, your comfort and heating bills can suffer. Here are a couple of signs that your furnace is having trouble keeping up: 

  • Your furnace starts and stops too frequently, even if you routinely maintain the air filter. 
  • Your furnace produces cold air even when the filter is clean. 
  • You have trouble regulating the temperature in your home. 
  • You’re constantly using the thermostat because your home is too cold. 
  • Your energy bills are skyrocketing.  
Furnace installation could help you lower your heating bills, even if you keep your thermostat the same. That’s because newer furnaces are much more efficient at using fuel. For example, an old 80% AFUE furnace wastes 20% of the fuel it consumes, while a newer 95% high-efficiency model only wastes 5%. Those savings in HVAC energy-efficiency ratings can definitely add up over its lifetime!

4. Unusual Furnace Noises

It’s common for your furnace to make some noise as it runs. But furnace noises like rattling, banging or screeching might mean there’s something severely wrong with it. Because these problems can be costly to repair, it’s typically better to get a new furnace.

5. Yellow Burner Flames

When your furnace is running properly, its burner flames will be blue. If you notice yellow flames, it means your furnace isn’t using fuel very efficiently and could even be producing hazardous carbon monoxide. A furnace with carbon monoxide leaks is a safety hazard and needs to be replaced right away.

Should I Replace My Furnace and Air Conditioner at the Same Time?

It’s often more cost-effective to replace your furnace and air conditioner at the same time. Plus, you’ll also appreciate higher energy efficiency year-round. Here’s when you should replace both systems at the same time:

  • Your furnace and air conditioner are more than 15 years old.
  • You want to install a high-efficiency air conditioner soon, which isn’t always compatible with an older furnace. 
  • You want to boost your energy savings with a smart thermostat, which often don’t work with older heating and cooling equipment. 
  • Installation is difficult. 
  • You don’t want to have to worry about heating and cooling repairs in the next few years.

Understanding when to request furnace installation can be complicated and stressful. Our Experts at Levy & Son Service Experts have an A+ in home comfort, so you can count on them to help you make the right decision. Get started by calling us at 469-250-0932 to request your free home comfort assessment today!

What to Expect When it’s Furnace Installation Time

Here’s what will happen when we install your new furnace.

  • Clean installation—When come to your home, we’ll use shoe coverings to shield your home from any mud we might bring in. We use drop cloths at the installation space to avoid messes.
  • Quality labor—Our pros have achieved some of the best prestigious technical certifications in HVAC.
  • A thorough check—After we’ve complete installation, we go down a list to double-check your furnace is operating properly before we go.
  • Going the extra mile—We’ll hook up your new heater to adhere to local code. And we’ll often go beyond expectations, for the most excellent service wherever.

Set Your Furnace Installation Right Away with Levy & Son Service Experts

Need another reason to get a heater from Levy & Son Service Experts?

Your new furnace includes a free membership plan. This gives you an advantage on appropriate furnace service and keeps your warranty validated.

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