Unfrozen Winter Winners Enjoy Their Disney Cruise

You might remember the cute Hall family who were the winners of our Unfrozen Winner contest earlier this year. They won by submitting this precious snowman photo: 

Service Experts Heating, Air Conditioning & Plumbing sent the family on a Disney Cruise and paid for airfare for four. Rebecca and Bradley (Mom and Dad) took their two oldest children, Korbin and Brooke, on their Disney Cruise in July this year. This was the first cruise for Korbin and Brooke and the first in about 10 years for Rebecca and Bradley. 

“I cannot begin to explain how much fun we had and how truly magnificent the whole experience was,” wrote Rebecca. “It was a vacation we could have never done on our own. Disney does cruising right!” 

The Hall parents were kind enough to send us their itinerary and some pictures from their awesome trip. If you want to a Disney Cruise, or just looking to see what it’s all about, check out the highlights from the Hall’s cruise. 


We sailed for a couple days (Saturday and Sunday) and then docked in Tortola, British Virgin Islands. We booked a Catamaran and went out with four different families for the day. It was my children’s first time snorkeling and they had a blast. We saw turtles and stingrays – it may have been the coolest experience of the entire cruise! 


We sailed from Tortola to St. Thomas in the American Virgin Islands, where we got to do more snorkeling, went swimming, and laid out on the beach. The water was truly that turquoise blue that they show on TV – truly picture perfect. 



We were on the ship all day Wednesday and then ported at Castaway Cay, Disney’s Private Island. The water was incredibly blue and had amazing visibility below, so of course we had to do more snorkeling! They hid Mickey Mouses you could find underwater, which was nice because there weren’t as many fish. They also had an adults-only beach which we took advantage of while the kids played games. They had employees everywhere to watch the kids so we (Rebecca and Bradley) relaxed and had a daiquiri. It’s like a floating Disneyland! 


We get goosebumps remembering everything on the ship – it was so much fun and amazing! The cruise has a “Midship Detective Agency” where you select the mystery you want to solve and they give you a card so you can keep track of all your clues. When you put the card up to a painting, it actually comes alive – it talks to you, tells you about the mystery you are solving, and gives you hints and directions. One mystery took us two hours because we were running all over the cruise ship. 

They are constantly running first-run movies out near the pool so we got to see Alice Through the Looking Glass, Jungle Book, and Big Friendly Giant. We also got to experience the Aqua Duct, which is a large slide that takes you up and down and swings you out above the boat! 

All of us went Goofy Golfing and the cruise also has games like foosball, basketball, and a Tween Club called Edge with events like scavenger hunts, get to you know you games, and more. 

It’s really easy to see characters on the boat – you only have to wait a couple minutes versus 30 or 40 at Disneyland. We got to see about two per day, and one day we got five in a row! They also have different versions of the characters, including Captain Mickey, Traditional Mickey, etc. 

The actual room was incredible! Ours came with an ocean view room with a really big porthole and window seat. The room was a really good size and all four of us were comfortable and never felt smushed. 


You go between three restaurants. Enchanted Garden has neat flower lights on the ceiling that open and close and the ceiling changes colors during your meal and Royal Court was extremely elegant and put me in mind of Cinderella. The menu is very gourmet and they have an awesome variety. My oldest tried everything, including escargot at the Royal Court. (He thought it tasted like dirt!) 

Animators Palette is animation-themed and they give you markers on your table so you can sketch a figure. They offer a tutorial on how to draw a figure, then they pick up the drawings and at the very end of dinner, they animate your drawings on these screens on the wall. You have no idea it’s coming! They put them to music and position them in Disney films. Our daughter is our artist so she worked really hard on hers and was so excited – the rest of us weren’t quite as polished 

“Our family cannot thank Service Experts enough for this amazing experience,” Rebecca told us after they returned from the trip. “I tear up when I think about the experience as a whole. Submitting an entry I never thought would go anywhere, hearing we were a finalist, the nail-biting voting phase, the big announcement, researching and selecting which cruise, the anticipation of going and finally experiencing an unbelievable adventure. It was such a wonderful time living it all. We are so grateful!” 

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