The Top Six Reasons to Enroll in an HVAC Maintenance Contract 

Your HVAC equipment is essential to a sense of comfort and indoor air quality. The furnace and air conditioner work tirelessly in the background, heating, cooling, regulating the humidity and filtering your indoor air. Many homeowners take this functionality for granted until they have to do without them. If your air conditioning has ever stopped working on a sweltering summer day, or the furnace has failed during a blizzard, you understand what this is like firsthand.

No homeowner likes to deal with last minute repairs, high energy bills or inconsistent home comfort. What if you had a way to guarantee a constant source of healthy, climate controlled air when you want it most?

That’s where preventive HVAC maintenance comes in. Like getting an oil change for your car, routine tune-ups are vital for keeping your HVAC system up and running. And to get every benefit from each maintenance visit, you should consider signing up for an HVAC maintenance contract.

This contract is an arrangement between you and the HVAC contractor. Participation takes the uncertainty out of HVAC service by delivering routine maintenance, savings on repair work between scheduled visits and other benefits. An HVAC maintenance contract isn’t required to request tune-ups with Service Experts Heating, Air Conditioning & Plumbing, but we highly recommend signing up. Here are six reasons why.

1. Automated Reminders to Schedule HVAC Maintenance

Life gets hectic, so people often forget about setting up furnace maintenance for the fall and air conditioning maintenance in the spring. With an HVAC membership, you’ll be sent scheduled reminders to get an appointment on your calendar. If you’re unsure of why HVAC maintenance is so important, consider these benefits:

  • Expose smaller problems right away: Issues with your HVAC equipment tend to progress little by little. When a technician inspects the internal components once a year, it’s possible to pinpoint and resolve little problems before they grow to be big headaches.
  • Lower the risk of unexpected shutdowns: By securing that loose fan belt and balancing the off-kilter blower motor during a maintenance appointment, the likelihood of a mid-season breakdown decreases.
  • Lower repair costs: Planned HVAC maintenance is an affordable, expected cost that eliminates the need for numerous major repairs.
  • Increase energy efficiency: The Department of Energy reports that annual maintenance can enhance HVAC efficiency by up to 30%, bringing down your heating and cooling bills simultaneously.
  • Encourage home comfort: When your HVAC system operates the way it should, airflow improves for pleasant temperatures and more manageable humidity in every room.
  • Prolong the system’s life span: A clean, tuned-up, well-lubricated HVAC system can last years longer versus a neglected one, saving you on early replacement expenses.
  • Guarantee safety: An equipment and safety inspection during every visit delivers peace of mind that your heating and cooling system is working safely.
  • Maintain your warranty: The bulk of HVAC manufacturers value preventive maintenance to such a degree that they demand annual tune-ups to keep your warranty in good standing. Investing a little in upkeep now protects you from costly repairs that your warranty would otherwise cover.

2. Priority Service

Having an HVAC maintenance plan puts you at the front of the line when you request an emergency repair. You can often count on same-day service—even on nights, weekends and holidays—thanks to 24/7/365 guaranteed priority service for members.

3. Priority Install

Planning on replacing your heating and cooling system? An HVAC agreement gives you access to the quickest installs available, even during the busiest times of year.

4. Marked Down Repairs and Services

Preventive maintenance decreases the need for repair service, but if your system needs some professional attention, having an HVAC maintenance contract provides a 15% discount. You’ll also receive 15% off indoor air quality products, such as pleated filters, whole-house humidifiers and charged media air cleaners.

5. No Trip Charge

Utility repairs are occasionally necessary, but they can get pricey fast. Luckily, with an HVAC maintenance plan, you’ll never be expected to pay trip charges or overtime fees, even for emergency and after-hour visits.

6. Repair Guarantee

How can you be sure the technician has executed a job well done? Put your mind at ease with a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all repairs and installations for one year. If the results leave you unhappy, the technician will return to correct things.

Register for an HVAC Maintenance Contract

Service Experts Heating, Air Conditioning & Plumbing offers three HVAC membership levels: Priority+™, Maintenance+™ and the Service Experts Advantage™ Program. Consider what each plan features and contact our staff to help you figure out the best plan for your needs and budget. We’re happy to address any questions you have before enrolling. For more information about our HVAC maintenance contracts or to ask for a tune-up, please contact your local Service Experts Heating, Air Conditioning & Plumbing office today.

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