How Much Should an Air Conditioning System Cost? 

It’s official; you have to purchase a new air conditioning system. Nobody enjoys this day, and nobody enjoys budgeting for it, but sadly is comes with the U.S. homeownership. So where on earth should you begin

First, know that the investment of a new AC differs based on multiple factors. The first is your living situation and the other people residing in your home. Are there health ailments that will call for a specific type of air filtration system? Do the residents in the home have an issue with the cold or heat, or a condition that would require the home to stay at a specific temperature or humidity level? What activities take place inside the home? The above details will help determine which A/C system is right for your home. 

The next variable to consider is the home itself. What is the number of windows within your home and where do they face? What level of insulation is installed in the house and what level of efficiency is the ductwork? Does the home require (or do you prefer) solar-power, gas, electric, etc? At Service Experts Heating, Air Conditioning & Plumbing, we will pay you a visit and analyze your current set-up to help determine the choices available depending on your home’s construction and unique characteristics. 

The third variable to consider is which company to call. Though one company may have the equipment you want at a budget you like, take caution and find out if they are bonded, licensed, and confirm they are insured in the event that something should occur at your home. If a technician were to get injured and the contractor was not insured, it’s probable you would be held accountable. At Service Experts Heating, Air Conditioning & Plumbing, not only are we insured, licensed, and bonded, but all of our team go through a detailed background check, drug test, and are qualified to work on all major brands of air conditioning systems. We also provide a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee so you can be confident in the work we deliver. 

Alright, alright, you’ve considered all this but let’s ask the real question. How much is this going to set you back? 

While all the variables above will go into deciding a final cost, below are a few estimates. 

Ranch-Style or Smaller Home 

Less than 2000 sq. ft. and typically only one story 

Approximate cost of an air conditioning system: $6,000 – $15,000 

Using approved financing: $40 – $250 /month 

Typical Suburban Home 

Less than 3500 ft2 and usually 1-3 stories 

Estimatedcost of an A/C system: $8,000 – $25,000 

Including approved financing: $100 – $500/month 

Luxury Home 

Larger than 3500 square feet and any number of stories 

Approximate cost of an A/C system: $18,000 – $60,000+ 

Using approved financing: $250+monthly 

Estimated pricing could vary depending on geographic location, personal lifestyle, equipment settings, system maintenance, and installation of air conditioner and duct system. 

The full process can be somewhat overwhelming but Service Experts Heating, Air Conditioning & Plumbing is available around the clock to discuss all your options and determine the ideal air conditioning system for your home. The price can be a little discouraging, but with our wonderful financing options your new A/C could be yours before you know it! 

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