Don't Neglect Your Air Conditioner

November 16, 2015

While the weather is still dropping in Dallas, it’s about time to get your air conditioner ready for the off season. Whether it’s with air conditioner service or by taking a few easy steps before the temperatures drop one last time, you can help make sure your air conditioner is primed to perform well when it heats up again.

  1. Now is the time to think about arranging routine air conditioner service. Do it while it’s still mild, and not when the temperatures drop in Dallas. Scheduling a Precision Tune-Up now can help you take on a host of essential air conditioner service and safety checks if needed, including the inspection of electrical connections, equipment cleaning and switching out your air filter —just to name a couple.

  2. Think about adding foam pipe covers for any of your exposed exterior pipes. Foam pipe covers may be a big help in protecting your pipes from freezing when the temperatures go down.

  3. Clear the area surrounding your air conditioner to ensure there isn’t debris or leaves that could inhibit the performance of your air conditioner or the technician completing your air conditioner service. This is something you can do throughout the year, so aim to keep two to three feet of space around the air conditioner clear from debris.

These are just three tips to help you get your air conditioner ready for less work this time of year. With seasons changing, it’s critical to keep your unused system in mind so that it can start strong when you commence utilizing it when it warms up. Feel free to give us a call at 469-250-0932 or set up an appointment with us online to learn about our air conditioner service.