Common Dallas AC Problems and Solutions

June 13, 2016

We previously told you about some of the most common air conditioning problems Dallas faces, but today we are here to tell you about some typical air conditioner troubles that you can help troubleshoot.

Your air conditioner is on but not releasing cool air.

If your air conditioner is running but not actually cooling, you could need to have your refrigerant levels checked. Refrigerant is necessary to make sure the air being released from the A/C is actually cool and keeps your home comfortable. Low refrigerant is often an indicator of a leak or that the system wasn’t charged properly.

One way to check if you are low on refrigerant is to find the two copper pipes on your AC system. If the large one is “sweating” or producing condensation, put your hand on the pipe and feel if it’s cold. If it’s cold to the touch, you are likely good to go and don’t require more refrigerant.

If you’re not certain or the pipe is not giving off condensation and is not cold to the touch, call Levy & Son Service Experts and we’ll come out and confirm your refrigerant levels and learn why your AC is not blowing cool air. Note: only an EPA Certified technician should work on refrigerant for central air conditioners, due to the hazards of handling this potentially dangerous chemical.

You air condenser fan isn’t rotating.

There are several reasons your condenser fan might not be turning. One might be that it just burned out and you require a replacement. Humidity generally causes more condensation so another issue to watch for is that the water is not draining correctly or that the drain is hindered. If you can look for these things, you may be able to locate the issue; but, if not, give Levy & Son Service Experts a call and we can look into what is preventing your condenser fan from circulating and walk you through your options to get your air conditioner problem fixed.

Your A/C is not providing adequate air cooling.

It sounds crazy, but try dropping the temperature on your thermostat. It seems funny but sometimes it’s easy to forget the obvious. If that doesn’t get your AC cooling, check and swap out the air filter. If the air filter is blocked, it could cause major cooling problems. Another issue that could result in your lack of cooling is an AC that is not sized properly, and unfortunately this is an all-too-common issue when homes are constructed. Levy & Son Service Experts is happy to come out and conduct an analysis to confirm whether or not the size of your AC is causing your issues.

AC shuts on and off constantly

If your AC is short cycling, or turning on or off repeatedly, it could mean one of many things. One option is that your condenser or evaporator is obstructed or dirty and in need of cleaning. Once the system is cleaned and all blockages moved out of the way, you may be back to a typical running AC. Keep in mind that humidity also plays a role so if your home cools to the proper temperatures, but then the humidity causes your house to heat up quickly, it could result in an on-again, off-again AC because it’s having to work harder to keep your home cool and comfortable.

No matter your issue, whatever common or uncommon A/C trouble you run into, Levy & Son Service Experts is here for you around the clock. We are available all the time so we can get your AC system cooling and get your comfortable lickety-split.

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