Drain Cleaning

Drain Cleaning When You’re Feeling Drained

Dallas drains can get clogged fairly easily over the years. While they’re made to take away the dirt and grime (or in the case of your kitchen sink, the leftovers of food that was chopped to miniscule pieces by the garbage disposal), these guys get heavily used and abused. It doesn’t take long for the dirt, the grime, the fuzzies and food all start to clump up and pack themselves together…and here we are: the drain won’t drain. A backup of water in either the bathroom or the kitchen can be stinky, sludgy, and really disgusting to deal with.

When that happens, you need to call Levy & Son in Dallas for a drain cleaning.

Our experts will utilize a high-tech video drain inspector that can help us see what’s going on in the drain. If your Dallas garbage disposal is nearing the end, we’d recommend having it replaced at the same time as the drain cleaning to maximize your drain’s ability to, well, drain.

In the bathroom, where standing water in the sink or tub can be unsanitary, store-bought products and plungers don’t always work and can sometimes hurt your pipes. We can get those drains working to their maximum potential quickly. It doesn’t have to be a tough decision – a drain cleaning by our Dallas experts is an easy, simple and fast fix.

Call Levy & Son today at 469-250-0932 to get an expert drain cleaning for your Dallas home. Go with the experts!