Solar Heating & Cooling

Generate Your Own Power and Save on Energy Bills!

Go Green and Save Green

It’s always good to see a little sunshine, but imagine if the sun could also help save you a little green (money), while being green. Well, get ready because it can!

You don’t need to travel very far because Levy & Son in Dallas offers a solar home energy system that uses free, renewable solar power to heat and cool your home. The Lennox SunSource® Home Energy System collects the sun’s energy and converts it into power to reduce the electricity needed for your heating and cooling system. When your heating and cooling system isn’t running, SunSource can also help supply energy to other household items such as lighting and appliances.

Our Solar Home Energy System:

  • Takes in eco-friendly solar power
  • Integrates into your home’s electrical grid, so it can help power your entire home, including your heating and air conditioning systems can make up to 45% of your home’s energy consumption
  • Is backed by our written 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, the Best Guarantee in the Business

Going green may sound expensive, but when you combine the cost savings that you’ll see on your utility bills and potential solar tax credits or rebates, you could receive thousands of dollars to help with the cost. Great financing makes this sustainable solar energy option attainable for most homeowners, so be sure to ask Levy & Son about what financing options are available for you. With the rising costs of utilities, it’s a great time to take a look at a solar system that will help pay for itself.

Call 469-250-0932 or schedule your free consultation and estimate with Levy & Son in Dallas to learn more about adding an energy efficient solar air conditioning and heating system into your home.