Lennox COWB3

The COWB3 Boiler: Efficient Performance for Years

Lennox COWB3 BoilerYou never know just how harsh the winter will be, so why risk your family’s comfort? Be ready for the worst – and cozy throughout the season – with a Lennox® COWB3 boiler. This standard-efficiency heating system includes a Beckett® oil burner, the product that raised the bar for fuel-efficient heating. Thanks to a domestic hot water coil that provides hot water at almost no extra cost, you’ll see greater energy efficiency.

Winter temperatures are one thing, but it’s the wind that really chills our bones. That’s why we love the COWB3 system’s sealed-combustion style. You’ll even get quiet and draft-free heating. What makes this product even better is its easy integration with conventional radiator systems. When you buy a COWB3 boiler through your Levy & Son in Dallas, you’ll get reliability, durability and expert furnace installation service.

Ready to see what a a COWB3 boiler can do for you? This product is available in three models so you can select the best one for your home. Schedule your free appointment with Levy & Son in Dallas online or call 469-250-0932 to get started.