Split Systems

Dallas Commercial HVAC Split Systems

At Levy & Son in Dallas, our close manufacturing partnership with Lennox® offers a vast line of split systems that meet the demands and applications your company needs. Our split systems give you the highest efficiency potential and may decrease energy bills while maximizing comfort where room to room heating and air conditioning is necessary.

Already found in numerous Asian and North American Hotels, split systems can be an excellent solution to many businesses. From gas furnaces and air conditioners to high-quality air handlers and indoor coils, Levy & Son provides a wide selection of configurations for your building’s ideal comfort. Not only are we the experts in sales and installation of these systems, but our technicians in Dallas are rigorously trained for all your service and regular maintenance needs, as well.

Everything Levy & Son offers comes with one of the best warranties in the business and our written 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Learn more by calling your Levy & Son in Dallas at 469-250-0932 or setting up an appointment online.