Expert AC Installation

Expert AC Installation from the Best AC Technicians in Dallas

When installing a new air conditioner, you don’t want to skimp and let just anyone install your new AC. That’s where the specialists from Levy & Son in Dallas come in. Not only do we have the qualifications and certifications to back up our expert AC installation, we give you a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. So what makes our expert AC installation distinct from every other AC installation place? Well why don’t we tell you about a few of the things we do on installation day:

  • Tidy installation: when the installation process requires us to come inside we’ll wear shoe covers to protect your home from any dirt we might carry in. Drop cloths are then utilized around the area of the installation to keep your floor free from any messes during the process.
  • High-quality: the professionals from Levy & Son are NATE-certified, which means they have gone through difficult training to receive the most coveted technical certification in the industry. Throughout the process we complete an installation checklist to ensure every small detail is covered and that everything is functioning properly and to local codes before we finish the job. Once the installation is completed we’ll also be sure that you fully understand how to work your new thermostat and air conditioner.
  • Constant Updates: during the installation process we’re sure your comfort is on the brain, so we’ll be sure to let you know how the process is going and let you know when you can expect us to be done.

When you decide to have Levy & Son in Dallas install your AC you’ll also receive a free one-year PLUS Maintenance Agreement, a perfect way to get in the habit of routine AC maintenance. You can schedule your AC installation with Levy & Son through our online scheduler or give us a call at 469-250-0932. We’ll be waiting to hear from you and look forward to taking your comfort to the next level.